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Latest Addition: DareDevil

It's time again for the best holiday of the year, Halloween! So, sharpen those knives and find your bag of carving tools, because JP is back with more awesome TRADITIONAL carve-through designs that are guaranteed to be the best on your block. As always, my super-clean, vector-graphic patterns put those other "photoshop" pattern makers in the dust. Each and every pattern on my site is an original drawing, using Adobe Illustrator - which are easier to follow, even on my EXTREME patterns that I'm so well-known for. First timers will find great beginner level patterns, while long time members will find challenging and eye-popping designs as well. So join with confidence, and start downloading the best patterns on the internet, here at Jammin' Pumpkins. Online since 2005!

Thanks again to Daniel Clarke (AKA "Dan's Banana Loafcake") for the use of some of his fantastic designs. Dan's designs are noted by the "DBL" logo in the corner of the pattern thumbnail. Look for more of Dan's work popping up this season!

What makes my pattern site special?

- All patterns are drawn or approved by me  - Clean, vector lines using Adobe Illustrator - not Photoshop
- Patterns can be purchased for pennies  - Incredible variety of subject matter and complexity
- I'm not some big corporation  - New designs will be added up to Halloween
- Award-winning designs  - We accept PayPal directly

For full membership details, see the "join" page.

For questions regarding general carving questions or custom designs contact

Thanks again for coming, and have a jammin' Halloween!

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JP Originals

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Latest Addition: Flying Eyeball

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Movies & TV

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Latest Addition: PuppetMaster Blade

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Kid's Stuff

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Latest Addition: Madam Mim

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Comic Heros & Villains

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Latest Addition: DareDevil

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Latest Addition: Bendy

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Internet Abominations

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Latest Addition: Darth Kermit

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Rankin-Bass Animation Favorites

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Latest Addition: MMP Skeleton Band

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Bonus Section
- Extreme Designs and JP's Favorite Patterns - 3 credits per download -

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Latest Addition: Babadook

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